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From a developer or investor position point, where knowledge may be limited, it is often easier to go to an EPC track, since you have only one contract and depend on a company that is competent to take care of the project details.

 With a single contract, you usually have only one contact point, which travels in one meeting and ultimately takes less of your time. Africa Green Energy as a leader in energy we provide EPC service in all its components. If you have little to no knowledge on the specifics of the industry, but have the right financial backing and application, you can hire Africa green energy EPC will take your project through to fruition. 

With A good knowledge, industry contacts, and the right vendor leverage to get your project built for an acceptable price and on schedule. With a long list of contractors, engineers and vendors at our disposal, Africa green energy knows what you need before you do and can help guide you through the implementation process.

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